Heavy Burdens

I’m not one to give much credence to dreams — especially since most are so “out there” that they’re not even worth remembering, much less mentioning. My dreams are usually bits and pieces of things that happened the previous day or two all gelled into off-the-wall, outright weird episodes that are usually quickly forgotten. However, one dream I had last week has continued to stay with me. When I woke up the next morning, I clearly remember thinking, “There has to be a lesson here somewhere.”

I was helping to pack up a booth space following a large convention. As I began to carry things to the car, in order to cut down the number of trips, I decided to carry 4 folding chairs at a time — 2 under each arm. After walking through the double doors in the center of the large building, I turned left and headed to the parking lot several yards away at the end of a long sidewalk. As I walked, the chairs got heavier and heavier and I began regretting my decision to carry so many. Finally, I reached the parking lot. However, after a quick search, I realized with a sinking feeling that I had parked in the lot on the OPPOSITE end of the sidewalk. I should have turned right instead of left! Now I was faced with carrying those now very heavy chairs back over the distance I had just walked — and then some — in order to get to the right parking lot.

The sad thing is, scenarios much like this has played out in real life on more than one occasion. Only instead of chairs, it was perhaps 4 grocery bags and gallon of milk I decided to carry in order to leave the cart in the store thereby avoiding having to walk it to a cart return. Instead of heading to the wrong parking lot, perhaps it was heading to the wrong row of cars with my heavy load, only to discover my error about 5 cars in. And, because it’s me and my luck, perhaps the “shortest” path to the right row was to zig-zag through 6 rows of angle parked cars, trying desperately to avoid hitting any of them for fear of setting off an alarm.

Yes, perhaps I’m stretching things a bit and trying too hard to find a lesson in this dream. But there at least two that kinda sorta make sense in my head.

One. I have to ask myself how many times I have taken on heavier burdens than God intended — burdens that were not mine to carry by myself or perhaps not at all. Burdens that I should have humbled myself and asked for help, but instead stubbornly decided to take on alone. Burdens that did nothing more than slow down my progress and wear me out, draining me physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.

Two. I have to ask myself how many times I have turned and gone the opposite direction God wanted me to go, causing me to have to retrace my steps and travel nearly twice the distance he intended. Or, instead of the right path I chose the wrong path, causing me to have to zig zag in and out of obstacles when the correct path from the get-go would have made my life so much more God-honoring and left me with much more time and energy.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t take much stock in the crazy dreams I have. But, if they stick with me more than a couple of days, that’s a whole other ball game! I have to consider that, when one does, the reason might be because there’s a lesson to learn.

Am I unwittingly trying to take on too much and carrying a heavier burden than God intended? Are you? Am I charging ahead, thinking I know best about where I’m headed, without stopping to ask for or consider God’s direction for my life? Are you? Am I going down paths he never intended me to travel in the first place? Are you?

Perhaps I better start working on a couple of issues.


One thought on “Heavy Burdens

  1. I had an exceptionally busy week at work with extended hours while my team supported a software upgrade. I had no problem coming home from work and just resting my aching feet. But, I wondered how I could have used my work resources better and asked for help more often there. I think there is a bit of fear, not wanting to look incompetent and a bit of pride, knowing exactly how I wanted something done and not trusting that somebody else could also do it well–even if it was not exactly as I would have done it.
    God tells us that we are all members of the same body, the church, and that we all have gifts to share to make the body work well together. I pray that God will show me more when to serve and when to let someone else use their gifts. There may be a fine line between asking for help and being a slacker, between trying to be too self sufficient and seeing when God is trying to get me to stretch and grow. I don’t have the answers and find I muddle my way through. Thankfully, His grace is sufficient.

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