About Me

I am the oldest of 4 kids who were blessed to grow up in a Christian home. It seemed that every time the church doors were open, we were there — especially since Mom was the church secretary. So, not only were we always there, we were usually one of the first families to arrive and one of the last to leave.

With this foundation, it seemed only natural for me to do what Mom and Dad never had the opportunity to do — go to Bible college. I chose Johnson University (formerly Johnson Bible College), following in the footsteps of a cousin a year older than I. Within 2 weeks after graduation I was hired on at Mission Services which was located on the outskirts of Kokomo, Indiana. 34 years later, I’m still there — although now on a part-time basis and now located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In 1981 I married a young man I had known since I was about 5 years old. Gary and I had grown up in the same church together, participating in many of the same activities — Sunday school, youth groups, camp, etc. He, too, began working at Mission Services. So, we were together nearly 24/7!

Our first son came along in 1982 and a second son in 1983. In 1986 our daughter arrived and our family was complete. After years of soccer practice, gymnastics, and high school cheerleading, we found our 3 kids had somehow sprouted wings and left the nest (temporarily, at least). Two of the three are now married.

In 2007 we became grandparents to a beautiful baby girl whom we dearly loved spoiling. She was able to immediately get grandpa wrapped around her little finger. Our last visual picture of her  with her grandpa is of the two of them crawling around on the floor putting together a plastic kitchen set. Gary passed away a week later of a sudden, unexpected heart attack. Someday I will begin posting my testimony about this part of my life.

In 2010 a grandson was added to the family, bringing considerable joy. Both grandkids love to talk and be around people. And both have such kind and generous hearts and are (of course!) the pride and joy of their grandma. They have been the source of several devotional thoughts. So, you will no doubt get to know them (and their antics) a bit better as time goes on.

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